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"A young artist with great natural instinct, beautiful musicality, a lovely desire to express herself artistically, with taste, poetry and extroversion. Ivana's love of music is engaging!" - Alicia de Larrocha



Croatian pianist Ivana Marija Vidović was born and lives in Dubrovnik, where she is a frequent solo performer, professor at the Luka Sorkočević Conservatory and artistic director of the Epidaurus Festival in Cavtat.


Ivana started playing the piano aged four, first with her mother, then at the Sorkočević Conservatory, continuing to study there during the 1991-92 war in Croatia, before entering the Ljubljana Academy of Music in Slovenia under Tatjana Ognjanovič. After graduating in 2002, she continued her studies with a series of distinguished pianists including Lazar Berman, Stephen Kovacevic and from 2005 to 2009 with Alicia de Larrocha.


Her performing career has taken her to great concert halls worldwide including the Beethoven Geburtshaus Kammersaal in Bonn, and in 2015 to Brazil's Sala São Paulo, where she was the first Croatian artist to play, also to Albania, Argentina, Italy, Montenegro, Spain, the UK and Uruguay. Her repertoire includes concertos by J.S. Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Falla, Grieg, Haydn, Liszt, Mendelssohn, Mozart, Rachmaninov, Rimsky-Korsakov, Saint-Saëns, Schumann and Turina.


Ivana is committed to the music of today as well as the classical canon: she is the dedicatee of contemporary works by Michael Denhoff, G. Pirš, Elvira Plenar, Primož Ramovš, Peter Seabourne, Pero Šiša, Žiga Stanič and Tatijana Vorel. She is also committed to supporting young musicians, serving as a frequent member of piano competition juries and as a guest professor giving master classes and lectures.


Ivana brings a remarkable range of life experience and artistic insight to her professional career. Typically for a Dubrovnik citizen, Ivana identifies strongly with her home city while looking outward to the world. She is fluent in five languages, graduated in Italian at Ravenna's Dante Alighieri Institute, and has published several books of poetry, including as a member of Italy's Akkuaria since 2006. She was named as a Croatian Ambassador of Italian Culture and has received numerous awards for oustanding achievement in music and poetry. As Epidaurus Festival artistic diector since 2007, she brings musicians and other artists to Cavtat for innovative collaborative concerts and performances, constantly challenging boundaries between art forms while rooting the Festival in the local community. Being a piano student during the Siege of Dubrovnik instilled a lifelong determination to use music as a medium for peace and human unity. A serious car accident in 1996 left Ivana with a broken shoulder from which she recovered fully despite being told she would never play again. These experiences only intensify Ivana's passion to perform and share music throughout the world.